About OMOS, s.r.o., based in Blansko, Czech republic

OMOS, s.r.o., is a leading Czech company engaged in the production of vertical lathes, modernizations of all types of vertical and horizontal lathes of both domestic and foreign production, and complete overhauls of these machines. We have completed a lot of contracts both locally and abroad since 1993. Our main values ​​are: Accuracy - Reliability - Quality

Vertical lathes

Currently, the Business Development Program in our company is focused on implementation of the new vertical SSK lathes ...

Modernizations and
general overhauls

We provide upgrades of the existing machines to meet the performance levels of the currently produced new machines ...


We are prepared to meet any of your requirements for precision machining ...

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Short videopresentation of company OMOS, s. r. o.


Single purpose machine OSK12

In July, we passed a single purposed machine OSK 12 to the company Škoda JA, a.s. This machine is intended for their customer from Ukraine.

Product innovation project

In July 2015, we completed the project called "Product innovation - bringing innovative range of heavy vertical lathes to the domestic and foreign market", which was co-financed with the help of EU Structural Funds within the OPPI programme. The project was divided into two phases. In the first period a new production hall was built then it was equipped with new machines during the second period. The whole object is used to manufacture a new range of vertical SSK lathes.

Vertical lathes production

The SSK double column vertical lathes are modern multi-purpose machine tools that are suitable for both heavy and precision machining, milling and grinding.

Modernizations and overhauls

Our completed machine modernizations and overhauls fully respect the technological requirements and desires of our customers and are at levels corresponding to the newly-produced machines at much lower prices.

Accurate machining

Our company offers machining services. We successfully cooperate with a number of companies locally and abroad.

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