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Expert magazine "Český Průmysl" (Czech Industry)

OMOS is the absolute best in its branch of business, which is modernizations and overhauls of all types of lathes. It holds a stable position in the Czech Republic and, over the years of its existence, it has implemented a number of contracts for exacting customers both locally and abroad.
Currently, the modernization of a centre lathe SIU 400 for our major trading partner SKODA POWER, s.r.o., has been underway for some time. The successful cooperation with this company began in 2006 with modernization of  SK 50 CNC and continued also in 2008 with modernization of eight-metre carousel KU 65 CNC. Based on these successful business relationships, our company has succeeded in a tender for the actual modernization of SIU 400, which we highly appreciate. Since this is one of the key machines of SKODA POWER, it is our priority to complete the modernization as soon as possible so that the machine could return back to production.

Thus, the OMOS employees can still fulfil their corporate values, i.e., Quality, Accuracy and Reliability. They are proud of their company and confident that, in future, they will be able to show their customers that the phrase "Golden Czech Hands" is not just a cliché, but a fact the world must count with. 

A monthly called "Podnikatel" (Businessman)

OMOS, s.r.o., with its seat in Blansko, holds the absolute top position in its field of business, which is modernizations and complete overhauls of all types, sizes and designs of vertical and horizontal lathes. In the Czech Republic, it holds a stable position and the current plan of the company is the expansion into foreign markets.
The company was founded in 1993 by engineers experienced in the development, design, manufacturing and installation of vertical lathes. Over the years of its existence, the company has implemented a number of contracts for exacting customers, for whom the company completed modernizations of the existing machines to meet the performance levels of newly manufactured machines with conventional or CNC control.
In addition, the company also provides design and consulting services related to the issue of machine tools. Based on professional technical inspection of a machine, the experienced company technicians are able to competently assess and recommend the best repair options and adjustments to ensure its continued operation with maximum achievable parameters.
In 2002, the company established a new Cooperation Department, as it was necessary to fill in spare production capacities during the period of ongoing installations of carousels when not all the machine tools are fully utilized. At present, the cooperations cover a large volume of production. The steady customers include companies engaged in the utilisation of hydro power, which OMOS makes models of hydraulic machinery for. Moreover, the qualified and skilled workers are able to produce the whole pieces and individual components according to technical documentation provided as well as the technological and capacity capabilities. The big advantage is high quality. It stands to reason to meet the requested deadlines, and then, the biggest reward is a satisfied customer.
With its reputation and references Omos gained on the Czech market, they can now afford to address other European and world markets, offering accuracy, reliability and quality of its services, which are guaranteed with the ISO 9001:2001 certificate.

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