Our company offers the possibility of precision machining. We machine individual parts and we can also offer their assembly into production units according to the supplied technical documentation.

We machine a wide range of parts on our machines, from the smallest precise and complex components to large weldments and castings.  


2x DMG machining center 3 axes 1150 V

Travel in X axis
1.150 mm
Travel in Y axis
700 mm
Travel in Z axis
550 mm
Clamping tools in the spindle
SK 40
Dimension of the clamping surface of the table
1.400 x 750 mm
Table load
1.500 kg

DMG 5-axis machining center DMU 95 monoBLOCK

Travel in X axis
950 mm
Travel in Y axis
850 mm
Travel in Z axis
650 mm
Clamping tools in the spindle 
SK 40
Dimension of the clamping surface of the rotary and tilting table
avg. 850 mm
Turntable and tilt table load
1.000 kg
Table tilt range
+/- 120°
Dimensions of the machinable part in five axes
avr. 850 mm, height 590 mm

DMG CNC lathe CTX 1250 beta

Travel in X axis
300 mm
Travel in Y axis
120 mm
Travel in Z axis
1.300 mm
Repeated positioning accuracy in all axes
0.014 mm according to VDI / VDQ 3441
Dimensions of machinable part
avg. 410 mm, length 1250 mm
Spindle passage for bars with diameter
102 mm
Three-jaw chuck – hydraulic 
diameter 315 mm

2 x FERMAT Horizontal boring machine WFT 13 CNC

Turntable size
1.800 x 2.600 mm
Max. load capacity of the table
15.000 kg
Transverse table travel (X axis)
4.000 mm
Vertical travel of the headstock (Y axis)
2.500 mm
Longitudinal travel of the stand (Z axis)
1.500 mm
Work spindle extension (W axis)
730 mm
Rotary table feed range (B axis)
0 – 2 ot/min
Working feed in all axes
1 - 8.000 mm/min
X-axis rapid traverse, Ya Z
1 - 10.000 mm/min
W axis rapid traverse 
1 – 8 000 mm/min
Max. axial force in the X and Y axis 
30 kN
Max. axial force in the Z and W axis 
30 kN

NUKON fiber laser 2 kW NF pro 315

Sheet metal format 
1.500 x 3.000 mm
Laser source 
2 kW
Ordinary steel   
16 mm
Stainless steel  
6 mm
5 mm
3 mm
3 mm