New machines

Our company is engaged in the design and manufacture of new machines, which are designed for heavy machining - roughing of castings and forgings, as well as for precision machining such as turning, milling, threading and grinding.

The machine consists of modular main groups and devices that allow you to create, in addition to common designs, also special designs according to specific customer requirements.

The design solution ensures the achievement of the specified technical parameters in all operating modes, stability, geometric accuracy, rich technological possibilities and also easy maintenance.  

Middle range vertical lathes 12 - 25

Middle range vertical lathes
SSK 12 | SSK 16 | SSK 20 | SSK 25

Heavy duty vertical lathes 30 - 60

Heavy duty vertical lathes
SSK 30 | SSK 40 | SSK 50 | SSK 60